Astronomy Day Photo Album

Welcome to the 2008 Astronomy Day Photo Album

The winner of the Meade ETX80AT backpack telescope
is a family of five from Sugar Land:
Sirish Dandamldi (father), Latha Dandamldi (mother), Rushil Dandamldi (son 9),
Kushal Dandamldi (son 7), and Aria Sundar (daughter 6).


Telescope donated by Meade Instruments


With three children in the family,
they will definitely enjoy owning and using the scope!

Barbara Wilson wrote:
I just wanted to let everyone know we got a really nice note from
Joel Bartsch about the great turnout for astronomy day.
He sent it to the entire museum board, and staff members, employees.
He wanted to thank all of you for your dedication and hard work to make this happen!

The final official count for Astronomy Day is 2400 visitors.

From the Astronomy Day Web Master
I would like to thank the following people for sending me their photos of the
8th Annual Texas Gulf Coast Astronomy Meeting
and of the Astronomy Day activities at the George Observatory.

John Cavuoti, Steve Clayworth, Bill Howard, Bill Jacobus
John Lane, Angus Mann, Stephen Walker, Chris Randall, Ken Miller

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Three Videos provided by John Lane

Until next year, keep looking up!