An announcement from Brazosport Astronomy Club
Astronomy Day

It is scheduled for Saturday, April 28 from 4 pm - 10 pm, rain or shine.
It will be held at the Brazosport Planetarium located at 400 College Blvd., Clute, Texas 77531, 979-265-3376.
It is a free public event. There will be safe solar viewing during the day and of course, the stars and planets at night.
In case of clouds, the event will still take place, with demonstrations and free planetarium shows.

Astronomy Day 2011 Photo Album

Regional Meeting 2012 - October 19
Astronomy Day 2012 - October 20

Astronomy Day 2011 Attendees
2,150 visitors - Barbara Wilson, Director

I would like to thank the following people for sending
in pictures for the Astronomy Day Photo Album:
Bill Jacobus, Bill Pellerin, Chris Randall,
Marty Levine, Paul Noll, Steve Goldberg, Steve Clayworth

Unitron 10x50 binoculars
Donated by: Land Sea & Sky

The winner of the Unitron 10x50 Binoculars, donated by Land Sea & Sky of Houston, was Donna from Santa Fe (TX). She was attending Astronomy Day with Pack 646 and Troop 628. Just before going into the Research Dome for her observing session, she waved her long string of door prize ticket stubs and stated that she was going to win the binoculars. When the winning number of 806976 was called, Donna stuck her head out of the dome and presented her winning stub! The binoculars will be used for a raffle fundraiser by the scouts on November 18, 2011. Congratulations to Donna, Pack 646 and Troop 628. Good luck with your fundraiser!

Astronomy Day/ISS contact Videos
ISS contact video - Wes Whiddon - click here
ISS contact video - Matt Hommel - click here

Regional Meeting 2011
 Meeting Images

Astronomy Day 2011
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