Astronomy Day 2009 Photo Album

The winner of the 2009 Astronomy Day Orion telescope awarded at the George Observatory/HMNS on October 24
was Yingpai Wang, a first year graduate student at Rice University majoring in Computational and Applied Mathematics.
The one-day event had nearly 2,600 visitors, so Yingpai was extremely pleased to be the one to win the telescope!

4.5" Orion reflector on a German mount
Donated by: Clayton Jeter, Owner of ADVANTAGE Telescope Repair

Astronomy Day 2010 - Saturday, October 16

Astronomy Day Results
2,589 visitors - Barbara Wilson, Director

Research Dome Results

We were initially showing Jupiter and then 1/2 way through we moved to M15. So between noon and 9:00pm today we had 674 guests experience the Research Dome. It was a really great team effort because from 4:15pm to 9:00pm we continuously had 3 door people and a minimum of 3 to 6 TO’s and Assists inside the RD at the same time to make sure our guests to the RD had a great experience. A big thanks to Carl Sexton, Stephen Walker, Chris Randall, Jim Jackson, David Haviland, Lisa Walker, Stephanie Walker, and Sara Walker. I also want to give much praise and thanks to Keith Rivich. He took control of announcements and I don't know what we would have done without him! - Tony Wiese

Comments from Ricky Panga

What a beautiful day we had last Saturday, a repeat of 2008? Not an ounce of clouds in the skies. Considering it poured a day or two before and, well, look at today!! What a break indeed! My deck scope area had 4 or 5 visitors at any given moment. We were busy! I was set up next to a long line getting ready for the West Dome so that line did not miss my telescope.  I could say I (and my neighbors) gave the West Dome line a break for while they waited, they took a few steps over to check out my stellar views. I was also “appreciating” the importance of volunteerism from the deck area as I looked down from the deck I saw the crowd thinking “oh boy…. Those volunteers down there sure have the crowd on them! “ So my hats to them as well. I also appreciated the importance of floaters! I used a coke break once or twice only POSSIBLE with their help so my hats to floaters AS WELL!  And of course, looking at that massive evening crowd, I also realized how hard the A team (the A-Day committee) worked to brain storm coordination of this event… you know who you are since I don’t remember most names but all I can say is WOW, my hats to you as well. Good job…

Astronomy Day Videos
Wes Whiddon - click here
Steve Clayworth - click here

From the Web Master
I would like to thank on behalf of everyone Cynthia Gustava for pulling this all together.

I would also like to thank the following people for sending
in pictures to me for the Astronomy Day Photo Album
Angus Mann, Bill Jacobus, Chris Randall,
Jim Jackson, Jim Scott, Nathaniel WHitehead,
Ricky Panga, Steve Clayworth


For a list of all the Astronomy Day Volunteers - click here (pdf)

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